All You Need To Know About Mala Beads And How They Are Used

A mala can be defined as a strand that has one hundred and eight beads that include one big bead which is called the summit bead. The large bead can also be referred to as a Sumeru bead. A mala is a meditation tool that is used to keep the mind focused on meditation activity. There are various materials that can be used to make the mala beads such as the basil wood, gemstones, crystal, rudraksha seeds or sandalwood.Normally if you have low energy when you start meditating, you are likely to fall asleep and on the other hand, if your energy level is very high, you might drift to fantasy and you can easily get distracted.To get more info, visit Japa Mala Beads. This is where the mala bead come to your aid when you are meditating. If you are using the mala to do mantra meditation, it is conventionally held in the right hand and can be used in the following two ways. 

The first way of using the mala is to set it between the ring or the third finger and the thumb. The second or the middle finger is utilized in the rotation of the mala beads. The rotation is done one at a time towards you every time you repeat the mantra. The second way of using the mala is to hang it on the second or the middle finger and the thumb is utilized for the rotation of the mala beads one by one. To get more info, click meditation beads. When you are using the mala beads for meditation you can use any of the two methods but you must never use the first or the index finger to touch the mala. 

You can also use the mala with your hand hidden in a mala bag. The mala bag is considered sacred because it is a storage space for the mala. The mala can also be coiled on the floor with the right hand placed to rest on the right knee. The mantra is begun at the summit head and it is continued all round the loop until the large bead that was started with is reached. If you want to do more than one round of the mantra, you can just turn the mala in the reverse direction and repeat the procedure until you reach the summit bead. As you meditate, you should focus on your breathing. As you move past each mala bead, breath out or take in a breath. The mala bead can also be used as a bracelet or necklace. Learn more from